For the New Years I went to my aunts house and we went to church at midnight what we did at church is had service and then after service we went down to the basement to eat breakfast. During service me and my cousin Justin were fighting because he didn’t want to get out my seat he fell asleep on the ground and then when he woke up he got up and set in my seat so I pushed him on the ground. After I pushed him he pushed me back so I punched him then he started crying. We went downstairs and he come out of nowhere and jumps on me while I’m still going down the stairs so he made us both fall and I pushed him off of me and then his mom my aunt came and took him. Once we where done eating my aunt gose to the car we’re still in the church when we get to the car Justin gets in the back and spits and my hair so I told his mom and she didn’t care all she did is yell and said “ shut up every bodie just shut up “. So me and my other cousin keme Wales to my house at either 1 or 2 am when we got there everybody was sleep so keme and I stayed up playing nba 2k 18 and gta. So when we was finished playing the game and stuff we decided to watch a movie we put on the movie then my aunt calls so we answered and as soon as we answered she started cursing us out so we just hung up we hang up she call again we pick up and she still cursing us out so we hung up again. As soon as we hung up she called back so we just turned our phones off two hours later we turn on our phones and we got the 50 calls and text messages from her. At like 2 pm she comes to get him she comes in starts cursing everybody out she took keme’s phone witch he payed for and didn’t give it back till she turned it off. So that was what my New Years was like this year.


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